DSSP is now a licensed producer of AF-M315E, place your order today!

Digital Solid State Propulsion
Digital Solid State Propulsion

Propellants & Explosives

DSSP is now the licensed supplier of AF-M315E monopropellant for the Air Force and is taking orders.


Propellants and explosives

DSSP produces and sells liquid HAN based monopropellants, AF-M315E and GEM. These propellants are green, insensitive ionic liquid propellants that provide an alternative to toxic hydrazine boasting higher performance with lower toxicity for satellite propulsion, and down hole oil and gas enhanced recovery. DSSP also produces several types of metalized and non-metalized solid propellants. These solid propellants are also green and insensitive with shipping classifications in the 1.4 category. For an overview of the propellant work we do, see the video below.